Private 1:1 (Yoga, Meditation, or Reiki available),  Semi-Private Yoga (2 students), and Private Group Yoga (3+ students) sessions available, either at Aja Yoga Flow studio or client's home or office. Large group, 10+, also available; call or email to inquire. See Pricing and Packages page for available options and booking.

Yoga Sessions: Based on client's specific needs with sessions designed specifically to meet and address those needs.

Meditation Sessions: We tend to over think and over complicate the practice of ‘practicing stillness’. Meditation is a beautiful, SIMPLE way to bring a greater sense of peace and contentment to one's life. Sessions utilize various techniques based on clients needs including guided meditations, calming pranayama (breath work) and tools offered to practice stillness on one’s own with greater ease and comfort.

Reiki Sessions: Rei=Universal Life, Ki=Energy. Reiki is an ancient Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation. The life force flows within the physical body through pathways called chakras, meridians, and nadis, as well as around us in fields of energy called auras. Reiki works by flowing through areas of the physical body and/or energetic fields and charging them with positive energy; removing stagnation, blockages, and imbalances; promoting the flow of the vital energy life force throughout ones body. Most experiece a deep sense of relaxation during a reiki session and for a few to many hours afterwards.

(Visit my blog post 'The 'Why?' of Private Sessions' to see just a few of the many benefits of Private Sessions)